High-Performance Microcontrollers With New Architecture for System Solution

Foto : Logo Samsung

SAMSUNG Semiconductor, one of the top suppliers of semiconductors, concentrates on the development of microcontrollers to meet growing market requirements for high performance and embedded control applications. The Company’s business philosophy is to provide the products that fit customers’ application, satisfying them with our advanced technology and services. SAMSUNG Semiconductor develops progressive products and strives to create a brighter future for people with the motto, “We Integrate Your Dream”.

SAMSUNG designs, manufactures, and sells a variety of microcontrollers with SAMSUNG’s high technology such as flash memory, highly integrated RISC cores, and complete product testing.
SAMSUNG’s products feature all the microcontrollers for system design solutions, especially focusing on application-specific, OTP, and flash microcontrollers along with integrated functionality, ease of development, and technical support.
Our advanced designs and patented process technology allow users to create systems of high performance, high reliability, and low power consumption at competitive prices.





Various embedded memory for MCU

Various embedded memory for MCU


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